Privacy Policy

Welcome to Jayr-Concepts. This page contains a statement discloses the Privacy Policy maintained on this site while surfing.

Here at Jayr-Concepts, I am responsible for safeguarding of all your personal informations gathered on my log files such as IP address, or any other internet access logs. But however, due to the fact that many users are browsing anonymously, I can't give such control as much as possible with this personal information recorded on my log files. Meaning, you are free to browse and surf the whole page of this site anytime you may like without telling your name, or revealing yourself on me. But still, I am also keep tracking some personal information needed for some purposes such as your name, address, etc. But before I collect those information, I wan't to let you know first before I collect those personal info over the internet.

I also collect email address of every visitors who contacted me, subscribing me or posting a comment on the comment board. This email address is used only for internal reviews or statistical purposes and must discarded when done. With respect to the owner of any email address I collect, it is my intent to let you know first that I'm going to use your email address by contacting you. If you choose not to use your email, I respect your side and your email address will be discarded on my record.

Gathering information through Cookies. This trend is another way of collecting information on every visitors who visited this blog. What is cookies and what is the use of it? Cookies literally means, a small piece of information gathered automatically, record past activity if how you entered this site or what kind of domain you came from. If I'm going to use any third-party advertising site, for example Google Adsense, they are using Cookies to track every visitors on this site and I don't have any control from them from collecting your cookies. If you wanted not to track your cookies, you may simply disable or turn off your web browser's cookies, but you are not going to have a full interactive experience from the site.

Every information I have collected is one way of identifying the most effective ways and analyze the trend if how am I going to improve for better web browsing experience. If you have any queries or complains, please feel free to contact me anytime you want.

This Privacy Policy is updated on November 20, 2012 and may change anytime without prior notice.

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