The blogger behind the blog
Jayr-Concepts is owned and maintained by a blogger who loves to explore everything in the internet. A blogger who is a professional graphic artist (as what they said), a computer programmer but really don't know how to create program, a web developer but he doesn't know how to create a website (just a slight), a CSS, XHTML, PHP and Javascript knowledgeable (ows??), an SEO expert but always lost in search engine, a noob online gamer, a photography dreamer, a wanna be adobe photoshop instructor, a trying hard article writer for this blog, happy and satisfied blogger (really?), what else?

Being a happy and successful web enthusiast
The above-mentioned has been done already since he striving too much to gain a wide knowledge and contribute what he learned as far as he can, even if he can't. He is a proud mentor at present (even on his college days), a proud employee, and a proud.... proud to himself.

Jayr-Concepts's Advocacy
Jayr-Concepts has been developed as a source of online information. Through the concepts of Jayr, this site will provide an access for the information needed for a certain individual for his daily life. All information will provided as free to all readers and visitors, use the information or content for your personal purposes only. This site also provide an online tutorial from graphic designing, web developing, blogging and a lot more. If you're interested for some related aspects, don't forget to contact him for any help assistance and he will guide you for everything you need to learn.