Where to Find Jobs in Canada?

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Canada, a place of peace, prosperity, good people, a successful and a big nation. It is where when people think about this country. Canada has developed into a strong economy on different places which is the three territories and ten provinces.

If you're planning to work on this country, you need to specify your skills and talents involving the related jobs that fit on your ability. One example job that you may suited is Alberta. What is Alberta and what kind of company is this? This company directly offers a job related to agriculture, forestry, fossil energy like oil and oil gas extraction, and mining. So if you think you have the ability on this field, then why not.

Its growing sectors are education, tourism, finance and manufacturing. British Columbia. British Columbia has a booming services sector. Specifically, the province is involved in finance, insurance and real estate, health and education, tourism-related hotels and restaurants, and management services. Manitoba. Manitoba’s economy is largely resource-based, as such it boasts of a thriving industry in agriculture, energy, oil, mining and forestry.

In fact, the province produces the potatoes which MacCain Foods supply to McDonald’s. It also exports sunflower seeds and dry beans. However, manufacturing is also finding its way into Manitoba’s economy. It is also home to Canada’s largest plants for furniture, doors, windows and cabinets. It is also the largest producer of intercity and urban buses.

Therefore, farmers and skilled workers will be most welcome in this province. Newfoundland and Labrador. Used to be known as the “have not” province of Canada, Manitoba’s economy experienced steady growth since 2000. The services sector is mostly comprised of financial services, health care and public administration. Newfoundland and Labrador’s fishing economy has developed into a major aquaculture and seafood processing industry.

Mining, quarrying and oil production are also actively undertaken. New Brunswick. If you are somebody who are into intellectual work, this province may be perfect for you. One of the foundations of New Brunswick’s economy is research.

The province is home to Rutgers University which maintains more than 60 research facilities. It also has a healthy business and industry sector. In fact 100 of Fortune’s 500 corporations such as Johnson and Johnson, Ford, General Motors, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, E.I. Dupont, and General Electric, maintain plants and other facilities here. Nova Scotia. Like Alberta, Nova Scotia’s economy is largely resource-based. The province deals on offshore oil and gas extraction and agriculture.

It is the main exporter of Christmas trees, lobsters, gypsums and wild berries. However, Nova Scotia is also the center of Canada’s film industry, with more than 100 films produced every year. Information and Communications Technology is also finding its place here with 500 companies setting up shop, and employing 15,000 people.
Guest Post by: Andy Swift, a Professional Canadian Blogger.
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